Black Cherry Juice For Gout

The black cherry juice for gout is made from black cherries, also known by Prunus serotina, been one of the biggest cherry species in US eastern part, it’s also called wild black cherry; this cherry besides its anti-inflammatory capabilities is used for culinary purposes also.

It is useful for treating the pain associated with arthritis and gout, also reducing the levels of uric acid in the blood which is the main cause of gout. Reducing the levels by 15 %.

Another benefit of black cherry juice for gout is its nutritional capacity because of the vitamins and minerals that contains, and also having high quantities of antioxidants that fight free radicals to protect the joints while improving the circulation.

It takes approx. 100 cherries to make just 1oz. of Fruit Advantage Cherry Juice Concentrate. Free Shipping.


Besides the other cherries varieties, black cherries have components known as anthocyanins, which are the same components found in aspirins, and is also high in potassium and low in sodium, therefore been beneficial for high blood pressure, a good source of vitamins, having more vitamins A than tart cherries.

Excessive uric acid levels in the blood could lead to gout when this acid crystals build up in the joints tissues, that’s when the flavonoids called Anthocyanins come into action preventing inflammation in the joints, these compounds are found in black cherries.

They are a type of flavonoids most commonly in brightly colored fruits. They were though of fruits color provider in the past, and it was only until recently that their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties were discovered. These give the pigmentation or color to the fruits, flowers, and leaves, been responsible for the cherry’s red color.

So these are the compounds in black cherry juice for gout that aside from their cancer-fighting capabilities, also help relieve inflammation of the joints and tissues of the body.

It takes approx. 100 cherries to make just 1oz. of Fruit Advantage Cherry Juice Concentrate. Free Shipping.


In concentrated or extract form, on line or health food stores.


Two tablespoons of the concentrated form with one cup of water twice a day; when having a severe attack take three times a day as symptoms persist. After that take one tablespoon a day for prevention purposes.

Usually the concentrated form is very strong and sweet, so take two tablespoons in a cup of water as mention earlier if you can not take it directly, as some people prefer taking like cough medication.

It takes approx. 100 cherries to make just 1oz. of Fruit Advantage Cherry Juice Concentrate. Free Shipping.

Why Should You Buy Cherry Capsules?

They have the antioxidant capacity of more than five glasses of cherry juice, in two capsules there are 1200 mg of tart cherries and very little sugar and carbohydrates, only one gram of sugar, vegan friendly and gluten free.

This supplement is made in an FDA qualified facility. Besides they don’t require refrigeration, 100% natural. This way you can enjoy the benefits of cherries and cherry juice without having to drink gallons of cherry juice or carry a whole bag of cherries.

Where To Buy Cherry Capsules?

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